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  • Hotel Accessibility Features
    • 19 accessible guestrooms
    • Accessible entrances to the hotel
    • Accessible doorways to facilities and public spaces
    • Accessible elevator
    • Service animals allowed
    • Fire alarms for the visually and hearing impaired
    • Alternative text or large lettering for public signage
    • Space for accessible pick-up and drop-off
    • Accessible van parking
    • Accessible parking spaces are closest to accessible entrance
    • An accessible path 65" wide to the front desk
    • Accessible paths 60" wide in all public guest areas
    • 7 accessible self-parking spots
    • Rooms have fire and smoke detectors for the visually and hearing impaired
    • Rooms with accessible showers or tubs
    • TVs with closed-captioning decoders
    • Viewports lowered to 36" above the ground
    • Door security lowered to 36" above the ground
    • Grab bars by the toilets
    • Grab bars in the shower or tub
    • Rooms with accessible showers have a roll-in shower or seat
    • Rooms with accessible showers have a handheld spray unit
    • Sufficient toe and knee clearance around the sink
    • Accessible rooms have doorways at least 36" wide
    • Sufficient path to maneuver inside the room for mobility impaired guests
    • Sufficient path for mobility impaired guests to maneuver between beds
    • Door bell flashes in accessible rooms
  • Website Accessibility

    Hotel VANCE

    Date: 10/26/2021
    At Hotel VANCE we are committed to providing an excellent online experience for all our guests - including those with hearing, vision, and other disabilities.
    To ensure this, Hotel VANCE strives to substantially conform with Level AA success criteria of the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 . Our website is designed, developed, and maintained in accordance with these guidelines, including regular testing.
    If you have any difficulty, questions, or would like to report any issues related to the accessibility of our website, please contact us at or 503-334-2167.
    Subsequent reports were run on: 02/02/2024; 01/01/2024; 12/05/2023; 11/01/2023; 10/01/2023; 09/01/2023; 08/01/2023; 07/03/2023; 06/01/2023; 05/01/2023; 04/17/2023; 04/03/2023; 03/01/2023; 02/03/2023; 01/11/2023; 01/02/2023; 12/01/2022; 11/05/2022; 10/03/2022; 08/01/2022; 07/08/2022; 07/02/2022; 06/02/2022; 05/04/2022; 04/01/2022; 03/02/2022; 02/01/2022; 01/04/2022; 12/03/2021; 11/03/2021; 10/26/2021

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    Website Accessibility Features

    The design of this website is done according to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, to provide accessibility to all users, and conform to priority checkpoints including, but not limited to:

    Navigation Shortcuts

    Use of the tab key to navigate through different elements of each page and use of the enter key on any highlighted link to activate it.

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    The HTML headings indicate the structure of the document. The navigation menus are marked as HTML maps, which allows the menu title and menu items to be read as a group. For easy navigate, visit our Site Map at:

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    All decorative graphics contain a “null” ALT attribute, whereas content images include a relevant descriptive ALT attribute.

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    This site was designed in conformance with Level AA standards per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The pages render as validate XHTML 1.0 and have structured semantic markup.

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